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Welcome to J H Professional Plastering!

We would like to welcome you to our website and we hope that you find the content of this website informative and illustrative on the services we offer. We even go the extea mile by setting up a blog which updates daily, articles such as plastering and DIY. J H Professional Plastering Services is a well established and reputable plastering company covering all aspects of plastering and screeding for the interior and exterior of domestic and commercial properties. Experts in our field we are able to provide a professional service at an affordable price. The founder of the company Joe Harding established J H Professional Plastering back in 1999.
Our Services.
We provide for domestic and commercial customers locally to Epsom, Ewell, Kingston, Sutton, Esher, Walton, Weybridge and throughout the rest of Surrey, large areas of London and within the M25 . We are able to carry out work in the evening and at weekends to meet the customer’s needs. Most of our work is generated through client recommendation as satisfied customers tell others about our skills and professionalism. We give free, no obligation quotes and consultations. No job is too big or too small for us.


Good Plastering and Bad Plastering
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    It's New! It's Hot and It's Here! The Plastering Forum

    Need answer from an expert? You got it right here. The UK very first forum that can help you to get the answers for plastering from one of our expert in the panel. All you have to do is to register an account and start asking.

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    What is Platering?

    Plaster is a building material used for coating walls and ceilings. Plaster starts as a dry powder similar to mortar or cement and like those materials it is mixed with water to form a paste which liberates heat and then hardens. Unlike mortar and cement, plaster remains quite soft after setting, and can be easily manipulated with metal tools or even sandpaper. These characteristics make plaster suitable for a finishing, rather than a load-bearing material.

  • How to tell between good plaster work and bad?

    There are professionals and professionals out there, but how can we tell if they are good? We will teach you from looking at every little details

  • Plastering? Can I do it myself?

    What to DIY and what not to?

    Nearly all internal surfaces in your home are finished with plaster. Plastering provides you with a smooth surface for decorating your home. The end result needs to be smooth with no cracks or holes. DIY plastering can seem daunting, but the main requirements are that the plaster should stick well to the ceiling or wall it is covering, and should have a flat finish. . Choosing the correct plaster is fundamental and having the right tools is a necessity. It is worth buying yourself a good set of plasterer’s tools. Getting a good finish comes with practice. Read more

  • Plasterer Insurance

    Why is important to have public liability insurance and what could happen if not?

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